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At Alberta Medtech, we provide full preventive maintenance service, contract based services, installation & calibration service for most veterinary / dental equipments (i.e. autoclaves, extraoral suction systems, mobile carts, dental lights & cameras, vacuum & compressor systems & more..)
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PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - worth every penny

Your equipment have become an important part of your facility. However, being relatively unobtrusive in most systems, they are often overlooked or ignored after their initial installation. Lack of simple maintenance will potentially cause significant reduction in the accuracy capabilities of these instruments. Most instruments are capable of providing reliable results within factory certified specs.

Regardless of the accuracy capability of the design, it is unlikely that these devices will perform as promised if simple maintenance procedures are not strictly adhered to. Every instrument installation will develop its own set of operating characteristics; therefore it is absolutely necessary to monitor the performance and provide routine maintenance as required.

It is generally advised, that calibration checks be made frequently during the weeks after initial installation, then to increase the time frame between calibrations as statistical results are obtained. While this is a simple suggestion to follow, all too frequently the increase in time between calibration verifications defaults to only whenever a problem is suspected. By then it is too late, incorrect measurements have been made, processes have been interrupted and upper levels need other means of verification. Establishment of a routine inspection procedure, will result in an increased confidence in your equipment and ultimately greater control of the accuracy it is providing. Therefore, in addition to a routine maintenance procedure it becomes imperative that any and all maintenance performed on the equipment be reported to the individual or department responsible for the instrument performance.

Alberta Medtech Calgary is your trusted source for veterinary dental & medical equipment service & sales.
With a strong on-site field service commitment, we provide installation, preventive maintenance, calibration & other field services for a wide range of equipments and sell high quality & cost effective solutions, which comes with our reliable service support.
We strongly aim to provide world class customer service and top quality products to our valued customers at the most cost effective way, keeping our customer's interest at top priority.

Our Veterinary - Dental Collection includes Dental Chairs, Operatory Systems, Autoclaves, aerosol evacuator -extraoral suction system, Mobile carts & delivery systems, Dental lights & cameras, Intraoral cameras, Handpiece maintenance system, X-ray sys, vacuum - compressors & other accessories are mostly used by vet & dental clinics, veterinary practitioners & tattoo shops.