vacuum & compressors

Because the BaseVac System is designed and built in North America, we can closely control every stage of the delivery process to guarantee that each system shipped meets our leading build quality standards. Recycled materials and environmentally friendly procedures define the BaseVac commitment to responsible design and manufacturing.

Dry Vac is no longer an innovation but is here to stay. We continue to innovate here at BaseVac by driving our engineers to push the boundaries of performance and dependability that a Dry Vac can offer.

The 100% water free design of the BaseVac carbon vane dry suction means dentists can achieve class leading levels of suction with unprecedented efficiency. No wasted water means more money in dentist's pockets. No water to create vacuum means no tax on the environment.

BaseVac™ brand dental dry suction systems are engineered like no other system because we understand vacuum like no one else. BaseVac The vacuum power at the pump is adjustable up to 25”Hg, 70% stronger than our closest competitor, because at BaseVac™ we realize that vacuum at the pump does not translate into vacuum at your HVE or SE tip. No piping system is 100% efficient and can often consume 3”Hg to 5”Hg of your suction power all on its own.

The extra vacuum capacity of a BaseVac™ allows you to adjust the system to balance the vacuum power to exactly what you want. You will never have more suction power than you want, it’s there only if you need it. All of this on top of a pump that is 100% dry and we truly believe we have built the next generation in dental vacuum.