3D : imax / IMAX CEPH x-ray

Owandy Wall Mounted
3D :

Often considered too cumbersome and extravagant in the past, 3D imaging is today no longer reserved for an elite few. The I-Max 3D popularizes this technology, making it a realistic option for everyone.

Like the I-Max, the I-Max 3D is still the most comprehensive, compact and lightweight model on the market. Weighing in at just 66kg, and featuring an exclusive “Easy to Install” system, the I-Max 3D is delivered fully assembled, requiring just one technician to install it in situ.

Also available with the cephalometric version, this ultra sophisticated unit is the most compact on the market! With only 275 lbs. one person is enough to install it. Unheard of for a cephalometric unit !

Boasting 18 programs, the I-Max 3D is designed to conduct the full range of examinations:

  • Full dentition & condyles

  • Full dentition

  • TMJ left / right

  • Sinus

  • Maxillary volume / Mandibular volume

  • Frontal maxillary dentition

  • Maxillary premolar left / right

  • Maxillary molarre left / right

  • Frontal mandibular dentition

  • Mandibular premolar left / right

  • Mandibular molar left / right

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