2D : imax / IMAX CEPH x-ray

Owandy Wall Mounted

The I-Max is the new generation of wall mounted panoramc unit, allowing radiographic analysis of the maxillofacial dental complex.

The cephalometric version has an ultra-compact column.

These ultra-compact and lightweight systems come in one easy-to-handle package.

Incorporating an exclusive «Easy to Install» system, the I-Max and I-Max Ceph are delivered fully assembled. Its

intelligent installation system means that only one technician is required to fit it on the wall.

Boasting several programs, the I-Max and I-Max CEPH are designed to conduct the full range of examinations your practice demands, for example:

  • Standard panoramic

  • Right/left semi-panoramic

  • Reduced dose panoramic

  • Panoramic with improved orthogonality

  • Standard bitewing

  • Left/right bitewing

  • Frontal dentition

  • Maxillary sinus examination

  • TMJ examinations

  • Cephalometric examination

  • (standard and low dose)

  • Carpus

Owandy Radiology is an internationally-recognised manufacturer of dental radiology

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