Meet Bob :) an experienced dental practitioner who is tired of his current sterilizer's frequent failures and a high maintenance & repair cost. He was looking for most cost effective & reliable solution which can save his time & cost, and of course longer equipment life.

And finally, he found us and our awesome autoclaves - with the industry leading 2 years warranty & an advanced steam generation technology which saves the time by providing faster sterilization and a lesser maintenance which saves huge amount of cost over the years with way lower investment than anyone else in the market.

Bob is very happy to have our products in his dental clinic, Thanks for your trust Bob.

Should you need any information for your requirements , feel free to contact us :

Alberta Medtech Inc. has partnered with Flight Dental System- a Canadian owned Toronto based dental equipment manufacturer and distributor with operations in over 25 countries around the world, which was founded on a commitment to deliver high quality products that provide the design, function and durability demanded by today’s dental professionals at an affordable price.

The Autoclave comes in 3 different models. Clave B , Clave 16+, Clave 23+

Clave B is Class B Autoclave. The little but very powerful system has pre and post vacuum system to ensure that all air eliminated before the sterilization cycle starts and to assist with the drying procedure after the sterilization cycle is complete. A complete cycle time is 45-55 minutes including drying. This system is excellent for hollow instruments and implantable devices and instruments. It ensures that most effective and efficient sterilization in it's class.

Clave16+ and Clave23+ is our Class N/S model with closed door drying and one of the fastest cycle times including drying on the market. Full Cycle from start to finish including drying is 45-55 minutes depending on the load size. The Autoclave use an steam pulsating injection technology that allows the removal of air from the chamber and allows the system to reach the sterilization temperature faster and more efficiently with less water use. The integrated dry assist technology in the Clave16+ and Clave23+ provides bone dry pouches and wrapped instruments/cassettes in minimal time with a large Japanese made air circulation system. Both systems come standard with a USB Data logger to record all cycles and parameters to meet infection control protocol. An optional printer is also available for purchase.